XU, Zhi

XU Zhi is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, artistic director and a researcher. He is currently doing a PhD with a focus on dance technology and cultural identity at Brunel University London, UK. He, as a sophisticated choreographer and dancer, created more than 20 works touring world-wide in China, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Malaysia and Israel. His works include dance drama, dance theatres, site-specific dance, exhibitions, and large-scale projects.   

Zhi trained in ballet and Chinese classical dance since twelve years old. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Beijing Dance Academy. In 2008, he joined Beijing Modern Dance Company as a choreographer and a dancer. He joined one of China’s most prestigious events as an independent director at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.  

Zhi's career as a practitioner, working internationally and between theory and practice, has been cultivated to become an impassioned choreographer and scholar with sufficient creativity and research capacity.



Brunel University London, UK


Dance Technology

Supervisors: Professor Johannes Birringer & Doctor Royona Mitra


University of Roehampton London, UK


Dance Philosophy and History (Merit)

Thesis: Cultural Identity, Choreographic Style and Movement Idioms in Chinese Modern/Contemporary Dance

Supervisor: Doctor Anna Pakes


Beijing Dance Academy, China


Choreography (Honours)

Thesis: The Motions of Mine in Contemporary Choreography

Supervisor: Professor Liu Jian


Independent Choreographer

Beijing, China

2012 - 2016

Beijing Modern Dance Company

Choreographer and Dancer

Beijing, China

2008 - 2012


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